octobre 20, 2014


En attendant les nouveaux projets, voici quelques photos de ma conférence à la Fredonia University, il y a quelques semaines. C’était un vrai plaisir et encore merci Jill, de m’avoir invité. A bientôt j’espère.

While waiting for the new projects, here are two photos from my talk few weeks ago at the Fredonia University. Thanks again Jill for inviting me over, it was a real pleasure. Hope to come back one day.




Une Réponse to “Fredonia”

  1. Keying said

    Hi, I love the bear & hare you co-directed for 2013 john lewis campaign. I am a scientist, I always hate the routine I am doing daily. So detail and so much problems. However, when I saw what you have done in your job daily, the amount of work and effort you have to put in to make a very beautiful and warming video, I feel all the job is the same. May be the difference between you and me are. You are in a job you love, and I am still searching for a dream job. Bonne Journee:)


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